About Citrus Spice Bakery

Sarah Gale was a high school math teacher who loved baking
for friends and family on the side.  She
perfected her baked goods over the years, and her dessert accolades were adding
up.  But when children started coming out
of the oven, she made the decision to stay at home.  With the encouragement of friends and family,
she took her baking passion to the next level.  A cottage food business license and serious cake decorating
studies were the perfect recipe for the next stage of life.

Welcome to Citrus Spice Bakery.  What do you get when Sarah uses the best ingredients
to make your custom-baked goods from scratch? 
Well….you do that math!     

To get a quote on a custom cake, just send an email or text! citrusspicebakery@gmail.com 


Photos of Sarah’s cakes can be seen on her facebook page.

Please check out Sarah’s cookbook on Amazon Kindle:

The Citrus Spice Bakery Cake Book


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